Intel Announces 2022 IPO for its Self-Driving Car, Mobileye

On March 7, 2022, Intel’s Mobileye announced that it started preparing for an initial public offering of its self-driving car, Mobileye. Intel did not disclose the price range o number of shares in the IPO, which is under review by the SEC. Mobileye is sold today at several dealers across the country, including a few in the Bay Area. Intel and Mobileye sell the AI-driven self-driving software and controls to other car companies. The software can retrofit vehicle fleets to help them prevent collisions by using computer vision and AI-based alert systems.

Intel bought Israel’s Mobileye in 2017 for over $15 billion. Today, Mobileye’s CEO Amnon Shashua, is also Intel Senior Vice President and Professor of Computer Science at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Professor Shashua is also well versed in finance because he opened Israel’s first digital bank in 2020. Thanks to Intel’s leadership, and Shashua’s expertise in finance and computer science, the upcoming 2022 Mobileye IPO will have a valuation at about $50 billion, which definitely beats inflation.

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